“Rebecca's versatility in the booth is astounding! No matter what the direction is, I know I can count on her to get the read the client is expecting but at the same time, add just enough uniqueness that the client is pleasantly surprised! From characters to commercials, creatures to kids and everything else in between, Rebecca brings joy to the booth!”

Owner/Head of Casting, Voices Voicecasting

“Rebecca is an absolute delight to work with! Always a breath of fresh air when she comes to our studio - whether it's for our bookings, auditions or VO workout groups. She takes direction really well and doesn't stop until she delivers what is needed, making every job both fun and easy. Her outgoing and bright personality creates a sense of comfortability that allows for a more creative and productive session.”

Owner/Head of Casting, The Voicecaster

“When we created the Don LaFontaine Voiceover Spirit Award with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, we wanted our inaugural recipient to be someone with the drive, generosity, talent and spirit of Don LaFontaine himself. After working with Rebecca for the last few years, we knew she was the obvious choice. I've always known her to be professional, kind, dedicated and extremely talented.”

Co-Founder, Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab

“Rebecca is a joy to work with! Her boundless enthusiasm and major talent always makes for a great VO session. If I am working with Rebecca I never have to worry how my promo will be vocally. She is able to give me exactly what I want and I always know if she is voicing my promo it will turn out great. She's amazing!”

Promo Writer/Producer, OWN Network

"We found Rebecca to be very easy to work with and our clients loved her voiceover work. Her bubbly personality shines through in her voice and she demonstrated an uncanny ability to give the clients just what they wanted. We look forward to working with her for years to come."

Operations Director, Creative Media Recording

“Rebecca is a fun and versatile performer who is always pleasant to work with. She can provide just the right voice with just the right emotion for a number of different scenarios. We have been very fortunate to have her talents in our projects.”

Game Designer, Trion Worlds

"Rebecca is absolutely top notch! From her improvisational skills to voice and acting talent, we have been impressed with her from day one. She's easy to direct, adapts well when unexpected obstacles arise and is 100% a team player. Her good natured spirit and professionalism make her a wonderful asset to any project she works on. We love Rebecca!"

Kelly Jean Badgley & Amy Ulrich
Leaders, LoopTown

“Rebecca is both an extremely talented voice-over artist and a pleasure to work with in the studio. Her range and versatility combined with her ability to take direction and quickly modify performances on the fly make her an ideal cast member for the most challenging and fast-paced projects.”

Director of Production, GTL Media, Inc.

“Simply put, Rebecca Davis is awesome. Urban Engines has hired her for several voiceover projects now, and it’s always a delight to work together. Her range and flexibility are incredible, as is her adaptability to our needs -- whether it’s pronouncing unfamiliar, specialized jargon; or interpreting and applying my unclear direction; or delivering amazing work within a tight timeframe. Obviously, she’s a consummate professional, but there’s never any ego with Rebecca; she cheerfully records until we are both happy with the take, providing plenty of options for our final cut. Thanks, Rebecca -- I’ll be calling you for our next project!”

Head of Partner Operations, Urban Engines